Dizzyness or vertigo are common problems.

As ENT specialists, we can offer a detailed analysis of the function of your vestibular organs:

  • Videonystagmography
  • Video Head Impulse TestThe Video-Head-Impuls-Test (vHIT) is a new method to test the function of the vestibular organs. With our vHIT we are able to test the function of all three semicircular canal organs independently from each other.In addition to the video-nystagmography, which only tests the function of the lateral semicircular canal with with warm and cold air, simulating slow movement of the head, this new method tests the function of all three semicanal organs with higher velocity and provides a more precise diagnosis of the present disorder and also prognosis of the course of disease and healing possibility.This test should be performed as a supplement to video-nystagmography in case of unexplained dizziness.
  • VEMPs (vestibularevoked myogenic potential)The VEMPs are responses of muscles in head and neck to tone bursts. With them, we are able to test the function of the otoliths, a special part of the vestibular organs. as well as the inferior vestibular nerve and if central connections. are intact and working normally.